4.7.6 linux build problem

I have recently installed Unreal Engine 4.7.6 from source code abiable on github. It runs anf my poor GPU can handle it, but it has a problem: Most of people has got a lot of assets and materials(for example, water) inside of Starter Content, but I’ve got only an Architecture folder with floor mesh in it and nothing else? Why’s that, what’s wrong and where can I get theese assets manually?

Try reloading the project, there’s a known issue with starter content not being shown up in the content browser immediately after the project creation.

It didn’t appear multiple times, and, by the way, could the thing when I opened the project that told it is not for current version and my not work be releated to my problem?

RCL, a problem: whenever I start new project, only asset that comes with it is floor, nothing else… Starter content looks like that. However, the project contents are all fine!

OK! I now found a solution. It was actually simple. Inside content editor I should just add the starter content. The UE4 interface tutorials explains this kinda well, but they don’t tell why the starter content is empty by default:D