4.7.6 is not installing

Hi AzamKhan,

Is this for performing a patch or a clean install?

For patching, this is a known issue in the current Launcher on Windows. The solution other users have found to work is to remove the Source folder from the current install location, it will cause these to be re-downloaded but should no longer get stuck on them.

Assuming default Launcher install folder, delete this directory:

C:\Program Files\Epic Games\4.7\Engine\Source

Let me know if that helps!

its been stuck in installation multiple times. Dont know why? its like 4gb as well.

yeh thanks, for that, i just deleted the engine and reinstalled it, it was the 4.7.6 patch. Downloaded the whole thing again. The issue was when the patch for it came out i clicked update and stopped it while it was downloading. That triggered the problem of not installing and stuff. I advice on not stopping or pausing installations. xD