[4.7.6] Invisible comment on 'add'-node (arrays)

When I enter a comment for an array-add node, it is not rendered in blueprint editor:


This is a known issue in 4.7 (UE-11414) that has already been fixed for 4.8. You should see it working correctly in upcoming Preview as well.

Ok, thank you . Wasn’t really critical anyway. :slight_smile:

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does still happen in 4.8.0:

(Comments on add-nodes are not shown)

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Thanks for letting us know this is still occurring for you. I cannot, however, reproduce it. To test, I created a new array variable, dragged it into event graph, and attached Add node. Entering a Node Comment adds comment as expected. Are you able to reproduce this in a new project as well? Does it only occur with specific types of variables, or only in Blueprints of specific classes?

Hi ,

thanks for looking into this. I will make some more tests and report back.

Edit: You’re right. Renaming variable + recreating node and comment indeed fixed it. Thx.