[4.7.6] How to configure child actors in a proper way?

Hi there,

another problems with child actors:

As far as I know, it’s still not possible to set the properties of a child actor in the blueprint editor (which is just awful and makes building a component based system nearly impossible).

In this case, I am not able to set the text, the icon etc. of BP_3dTextHint:

Out of pure desperation, I created a new Blueprint script called ‘BPS_3dTextHintProps’ which doubles all the variables of the blueprint to configure:

I was hoping, that I just could configure everything to my needs and the component itself then configures his parent then on startup like this:

It works so far, but for some reason, the event is called not once, but three times for the same parent. And it seems that the initializer of the child actor isn’t called at design time, so all the changes aren’t visible.

So I moved all this stuff in a ‘initialize’ function and call this now from the parent blueprint’s construction script like this:

But that’s just - you now. How to handle this in the correct way? I’m fiddeling around with trivial tasks like this for hours now. Is there any way to do that in a more elegant way? That’s way to much logic for a simple constructor logic…