4.7.6 Editor Memory/Process Issues


There seems to be a major leak in the editor for 4.7.6.

If I leave the editor running overnight, by morning 90% of system resources have been taken and the processes do not seem to close successfully without killing the process

The above is after all UE4 applications have been closed and the processes are still hanging around

EDIT: 03-May-2015 12:56pm
Just watching memory usage for UE4 process tick up constantly right now, am at 87% physical memory usage

Attached memreport
[link text][2]

Attached dxdiag info
[link text][3]

Hey SolarVelocity,

I’ve added this info to our bug report (UE-12941). Do you happen to have your dxdiag info?


Marking this as answered due to inactivity. Feel free to respond to this answer with the dxdiag info.


I already attached dxdiag info to original question

I must have missed that edit. My bad. I’ve included that with the bug report.

Not sure if this helps but the memory really seems to run away if I leave an animation blueprint open

Other editors like material dont have same problem