4.7.6 Crash when replicating blueprints

After dragging a cube (was happening with my own static mesh objects too) onto scene. I used Blueprint/Add Script button (as shown in image 1) to create a Cube_Blueprint. I changed settings of Cube_Blueprint to Replicates (as shown in image 2). I went into Level Blueprint (happens from any blueprint from what I have seen) and set it to On Begin Play, spawn actor (as shown in image 3).

If I press play, with just 1 player, it works fine. But if I add a second player. On play, client (not server) fails to load, and Unreal crashes. I also tested this where I didn’t set blueprint to replicates, and instead set it to replicate when I pressed a key during play. This also caused engine to crash.

I found that if object I am setting to replicate is already in scene, it won’t crash, only for objects that are spawned.

If I create blueprint not using that button, and instead, right click, create blueprint, and manually set staticmeshcomponent to Cube mesh it all works perfectly fine. It only seems to be an issue when using that button.

Hopefully this is enough info for you guys to reproduce this and fix it (if you don’t already know about it and have fixed it for 4.8, but I couldn’t find any info on it when I searched for problem)


Hi Faelinor,

Thanks for detailed report! I was able to reproduce this crash in 4.7.6 as well as our internal builds, so I created a bug report for issue (UE-15637). I’ll post here when I see any update on it. Thanks again!