[4.7.6] Crash when compiling/saving blueprints


I am consistently getting crashes on my project when trying to save/compile blueprints. Attached a stack trace image for reference. Let me know if you need any more information

Thank you.

Hi Gam3r,

We are going to need some additional info. Follow the suggestions here and post your crash Callstack (make sure to submit it), Logs, and Dmp files. Also post any other data that you think could be valuable.

Hi TJ,

Can you provide a support email to forward the logs and dump files associated with the crash?. As they contain confidential information about the project which I cannot disclose here.

Thank you.

Please private message them directly to me over the forums. If they are to large to attach, send me a link to download them from a shared folder on Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

private message sent :slight_smile:

Hi Gam3r,

I’m unsure of what is causing the crash so I have entered it as JIRA UE-15587 in our tracking software. Our developers will be investigating the issue further and we will be posting here with updates as we have them.



This crash is likely fixed in version 4.10 or possibly 4.9. Relevant changes were made in StandardPlatformString.cpp.