[4.7.6] Content browser: Move/copy doesn't work in same window

Plain and simple: Move or copy operations don’t work in content browser within the same directory (only if using the left column):


Doesn’t work:

Hey ,

I have copied and moved a structure, particle and asset over to many different folders within the Content Browser. I dragged and dropped them without any trouble. They moved over properly each time. Could you explain your process a bit further for me so that I can investigate this further?

By the way, I tested this on 4.7.6 as well as 4.8.0 Preview 3.

Looking forward to hearing back from you, thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi ,

sure. When I create a new folder within the content browser, it’s not possible to move or copy selected assets into it when not using the tree view.

The “move or copy” tooltip shows up in both cases but there is only an action triggered when I drop the assets into the directory in the tree view on the left side (screenshot 1) but not within the same window (screenshot 2).

When using the tree view on the left side, after droping there is a little dialog displayed “move here/copy here”, when dropping the asset(s) into the directory in the same sub-window nothing happens after the drop.

Hey ,

Are you able to reproduce this issue in 4.8.0 Preview 3? Also, could you please provide me the full version number? Are you in Version: 4.7.6-2513093+++depost+UE4-Releases+4.7?

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Hi ,

I am not using UE 4.8 Preview right know (got constant crashes in the blueprint editor), sorry.

The number of the engine is 4.7+2513093

PS: Made some more tests: Happens only when set to ‘list’ in view options

Hey ,

Thankfully, I was able to verify this issue this morning. I have submitted a report to our developers for both 4.7.6 as well as 4.8 Preview 3, as it’s occurring in both. I also noticed that it’s happening for both ‘list’ and ‘column’ views, so I included that as well. If you’d like to refer to this report in the future, please refer to UE-16125.

Have a great day!