4.7.6: Can't package for Android 5.1 on NVidia Shield Tablet


During the week I’ve updated my NVidia Shield Tablet to Android 5.1, and updated the Android SDK Manager alongside it. Since doing that, I can no longer successfully package a dev or ship build and deploy to the Tablet.

I’ve also tried this with the 4.8 preview and still have the same issues.

Is UE4 is compatible with Android 5.1?

If so, I’ve attached my package log to this post.

link text

Check out this video Tutorial

Hi Pafupafu,

Thanks for the link, but that’s not what my problem is.

As I’ve said above, I’ve been able to package and deploy to the Shield before with previous versions of Android. That has stopped working since I upgraded my Shield to 5.1.

I’ll see if I can edit the title of this thread to be more clear.

hi Jimmy,
Using 4.7.6 launcher version? or Git version?
If you using Git version,you can package the game.i think so…
I have Nexus 9 tegra K1(5.1.1),and i can deployed game(launcher version),but i can’t deployed game on Git version(Android ES31 + AEP)
My ploblem is this link