4.7.6 - BP instance not updating


Following this thread: BP - Option to update instance - Feedback & Requests - Epic Developer Community Forums

Here a simple repro:

Create FPS C++ Template
Create a BP onto ProjectNameCharacter class
Add arms in First person mesh and third person mesh
Put BP inside level twice
Update Character BP and clear ThirdPersonMEsh, Save
you will see that instanced BP are not updated with changes.

As it should be default behaviour to update all instance that are set to default value with new ones, could you please fix this?

If it expected behavior, could you please provide a way to propagate changes? (like choosing property to reset on all instance, or align all value that were equel to previous default value).


Hi ,

I wasn’t able to reproduce this in a new 4.7.6 project; clearing third person mesh in BP (derived from ProjectNameCharacter class) also removes it from instances in level. This is, as Marc Audy stated in forum thread you linked to, way it’s supposed to work.

Have you altered source at all? Are there any additional steps you took that you might have left out? Did you see this occur in a new project? Any additional details could be helpful. Thanks!

I created a new project to repro this issue before creating this thread.

Just to be clear, when you said Clearing mesh, you click on little Yellow arrow icon or you delete MeshComponent?
In my case, clearing, it’s clicking on Yellow Arrow.

I will try again and see if I can share other information but my test was straightforward and fails from first test.

Just to be sure, when you clear mesh in BP, it has automatically relfected change in Level view without any other command or manipulation?


Hey -

For clarification, opening drop-down menu for mesh and choosing the “Clear” option does update instances in viewport as well. I did notice that using yellow arrow to “reset to defaults” does not have same effect and does not update in viewport. Additionally, this only seems to affect default components of blueprint. Adding a new component (static/skeletal mesh) and setting a mesh to it will update in viewport if yellow arrow is pressed. This behavior has been bugged (UE-14627) for further investigation.


Thanks for additional information.
This is an important features and that will be a time saver when this will work as intended.


it might worth to say that this issue may be also look for "standard "property (Like a float property) and not only mesh property.


2 years and 13 versions later and this is still broken.

I have a BP with TMap<> it doesn’t even get a yellow arrow to set to defaults. And it doesn’t update when you change BP defaults. This seems like a major oversight.

Does epic typically just throw away all of their levels and re create them all whenever defaults change on their Blueprints? Because thats pretty much what epic is forcing us to do.

4.23 I have a blueprint that will not update no matter what but works properly only in NEW levels. It is preventing launch.

You need to recreate broken levels that stores reflected object data. Once a level is corrupted it cannot be repaired.

This happens a lot when programmers make incremental changes upon incremental changes but dont check them into source control. small steps were ok, but to everyone else, (IE: Build Process), asset becomes broken.

I know its scary but not as bad as you think. I’ve done this a few times. Add a new empty level, and make it current. Highlight and move chunks of actors to new level. Avoiding broken instances. Saving / shelving frequently and testing. Then throw away broken nearly empty level.

Sigh, thank you very much. Getting started now