[4.7.6] Blueprint get's duplicated on each construction script pass

Hi there,

Since a hour or so, every time one of my blueprint runs his (empty!) construction script, it gets duplicated:

I know that the actor get’s destroyed and reconstructed on each single operation (tens of times on single move operation for example) but this doesn’t seem normal to me.

Every “instance” has the same internal ID Name, in my case BP_Car_Bentley_C_3, there are also a bunch of (Deleted Actor) nodes in the scene outliner.

When I start the game, everything is ok again (until the next manipulation of the BP actor, of course):

Just to be sure I didn’t mess up this myself, I disconnected all nodes in the construction script, saved and recompiled.

This didn’t change anything. Also restarting the engine didn’t fix it.

Do you have the car being reconstructed at any time? For instance, are you using any “Set actor location/rotation” nodes or manually changing the location/rotation in your script?

Hi ,

good guess. :slight_smile:

Yes, I manipulate the rotation of some scenes with staticMeshComponents in it (but not in all cases, it depends on the configuration of the actor).

But that happens even, if I have a empty construction script as you can see.

The construction script runs every time the actor is destroyed/recreated. At least on the construction script side it will run but no functionality is present so it stops at the construction script node. Do you have a copy of the blueprint you would be ok sharing? I’d be happy to take a look and see what is occurring.

Hi , thanks for investigating this. Here is what the editor exported (just a text file, I hope that’s enough):

BP_car (parent blueprint) (construction script temporarily disconnected)

BP_car_bentley (child blueprint)

Unfortunately this lead me to another crash when attempting to copy over the .txt files. Can you up the full .uassets from your contents folder and load that up here? I can add them manually. Additionally, are your blueprints using the base sedan model or another model?

Hi ,

ok, I loaded them up here:
link text

Good luck! :slight_smile:
Sorry, don’t know what the base sedan model is…?

Edit: Ah, you mean the car! No, it’s the cabrio version! :slight_smile:

Hi ,

Unfortunately I can’t see what could be causing this error. Can you send me a copy of the project that is experiencing this error? It appears it may be linked to communications between blueprints. If it makes you more comfortable, you can share the project privately by sending me the link in a private message on the forums.

Hi ,

I will do this as soon I got time. Many thanks in advance.

Hi, this seems to be fixed in 4.8.0p2, thank you.

Hi ,

This is great to hear! I’ll go ahead and mark this as answered for tracking purposes.