4.7.6 Animation Blueprint is replaced each time "Set Animation Mode" is called


it appears that every time you use the BP-Node “Set Animation Mode to Animation Blueprint” a new Animation Blueprint is created and assigned to the Actor. This is unexpected and bad for various reasons. If this is by design there should be at least some notification so you know that you will have to reset/relink all references and variables to the new Anim BP. Also the old Animation Blueprints are not removed, and still updating which may cause serious performance issues.

Hi AlexW88,

I was able to reproduce this locally and have entered it as UE-15479. Thanks for reporting this!


Hey, what’s the state of this? I checked and it still seems to happen in 4.10!

This is planned for a future release and is on the To-Do list. This is not a blocking issue and will be dealt with only after addressing higher priority bugs.

We can confirm that this bug still exists in 4.18.3 release because it has been marked ‘Won’t Fix’. We’d highly appreciate it if we had a workaround, because it has halted our animation development in a major way. We can provide screenshots if necessary.