[4.7.6] Android Launch on editor -> fine . Pakage project -> black screen

Project work fine on mobile when launching in editor but black screen appear when intall apk by running .bat .

Step :

1.New Project → Blank Blue Print Project (No starter content) → Launch on Device - > Fine

2.Same Project → File → Pakage Project → Android All → Run .bat file → Black Screen (But 2 joys stick still appear)

Device : LG E975 (LG Optimus G) and Asus Zenfone 1

Note : also try with enable/disable HDR , Bloom.Package Project with apk and obb separate.

i figured it out ! The answer here just for beginners like me :slight_smile:

Edit->Project Setting->Maps & Modes → Default map → Set it to the level you want your game to start with at the beginning.