4.7.5 - WindowFullscreen mode 0 = blackscreen


During a playtest session (standalong cook client), we encounter some difficulties witht eh WindowsFullScreenMode 0.
When we set it to 0, the screen becomes black, nothing is draw and we can’t move back to windows anymore. We can only reboot.

When we set it to 1, everything is working perfectly.

I have no log for the moment as we were crashing the log were not complete.

I tried to repro this in debug mode:
I succeded in getting some log, but after a few sec, the UI screen showed up:

[2015.04.28-09.58.13:776][ 2]LogRenderer:Warning: Reallocating scene render targets to support 1920x1080 (Frame:2).
DXGI WARNING: IDXGISwapChain::Present: Fullscreen presentation inefficiencies incurred due to application not using IDXGISwapChain::ResizeBuffers appropriately, specifying a DXGI_MODE_DESC not available in IDXGIOutput::GetDisplayModeList, or not using DXGI_SWAP_CHAIN_FLAG_ALLOW_MODE_SWITCH.DXGI_SWAP_CHAIN_DESC::BufferDesc = { 1920, 1080, { 0, 0 }, R10G10B10A2_UNORM, 0, 0 }; DXGI_SWAP_CHAIN_DESC::SampleDesc = { 1, 0 }; DXGI_SWAP_CHAIN_DESC::Flags = 0x2; [ MISCELLANEOUS WARNING #98: ]

in mode 1, I don’t have those logs.

Thanks for your help in sorted this as I’m unclear on how to solve this.

Hi Elvince -

Can you let me know what version of the engine you are using? (Clarification whether Github or Launcher) Also you should have a project log that is generated in your cooked game’s folder under Saved Sub-Folder, if you can find that would you upload the log file here.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

I’m on the Launcher Version.
I already look for Log, but they were not fully written. In facts, they were stuck in a middle of a “line”.

I will try to repro that again to get logs but as I need to reboot each time I’m trying, it’s a pain ^^

What’s the difference between Mode 0 and mode 1?

Hi Elvince -

If your logs are stopping mid line then something beyond the engine has crashed, it could be a video driver issue or some integration with Windows. You can look in the Windows Event Viewer at the time of your crash and pull up the exact module system file which caused the crash. If you select the errors or critical that are shown at the time of crash and save them out as a Event Viewer file you can zip them here and I will take a look through them.

With the command FullscreenMode 0 is fullscreen, 1 is windowed fullscreen, 2 is Windowed, and 3 is WindowedMirror

I will await your Event View Log File.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum