4.7.5 update freezes UE and Windows 8.1 have to unplug PC to reset

Like in update 4.7.4 when double clicking, click and dragging assets into scene, and right mouse click on assets in the content view will freeze the Editor to death and then Windows 8.1 is completely gone so that I have to press and hold the power button to restart Windows.

Has anyone else this problem?
I reinstalled Windows 8.1 yesterday, so, it’s a fresh installation.

Hi domi109

Just try it and it works normally for me, no freezes at all.
How long did you wait until you shotdown the pc. I know that Assets from the KiteDemo takes al long time to load for the first time.

Hi Inmatic

Yes, I think it’s the Kite Demo. I did add them to the project (I have a backup) when dragging into the scene the whole Windows 8 freezes and nothing moves no mouse no nothing so I waited about 15 minutes then forced a shutdown to restart the system.

Try to make an right klick on one of the Demo Map. It tooks long too, but whenever its finish you can dragg the Assets into the Editor.
It tooks me 30 minutes with one map.

Yo, I will try that tomorrow.
I’ll let ya know