4.7.5 Memory Leak, Play in editor

I could not find this bug, sorry if its a duplicate.

I am experiencing loss of memory when running my game in engine for a while.

I am testing a lot with two clients + dedicated server. I start these up and run them for 30 seconds to a minute before tweaking some blueprint functionality and redoing the test.
Everything works fine when I first boot it up, but after a while specially one of the client windows seems to slow down and experience heavy lag.

While monitoring the .exe’s process, it’s start up memory takes about 1,5GB and after working for an hour it is up to about 5GB.
I expect to lose a lot while working, but when I run my clients I see it eat up an average of 4Megs a second. Booting the clients down and back up does not remove any of the data it used on run time? Hence after an hour of testing I need to reboot the engine as it has slowed down too much.

Just wanted to bring it to your attention, It is not stopping me from working :slight_smile:


Hey Rens,

Can you send me your dxdiag info? I’d also like to get a MemReport from you.

If your memory gets out of control again, let it grow as high as you feel comfortable with. Then bring up the console with ~ and enter memreport -full. Rename the extentions on the .memreport file to .txt in the [ProjectName]/saved/Profiling/MemReports and then attach it here.


Hi Rens,

Marking this as answered due to inactivity. Simply respond to this answer to re-open it.