[4.7.5] Function binding lost after copy/paste

I copied a whole bunch of input handlers from one class to another. Now it doesn’t compile anymore:

"Could not find a function named “” in ‘_C’. Make sure ‘_C’ has been compiled for ( message ends here)

If I drag a new node into graph, it compiles without error. So I have to manually replace all nodes in graphs with new versions.

It’s not really a desaster, just a little bit annoying and time-consuming, but I just wanna now where problem is with that…?

Hi ,

I’m having a bit of trouble understanding what you’re attempting. If I create two new Actor Blueprints, do I need to make a function in one, and then copy function nodes into a new function in other? Or are you attempting to copy function node from one to other?

Can you give us some more specific steps to follow to reproduce this compile warning? Thanks!

Hi ,

thanks for your answer. I originally did this from level blueprint and had a reference to blueprint actor there.

So I was doing stuff like
inputAction_XYZ → BP_myBlueprint → doSomething()

Now blueprint handles input itself, you I copied whole stuff over to his event graph and just deleted now unnecessary reference node to it (now target is simply ‘self’).

Hi ,

I was able to reproduce what you’ve described. I’m not 100% sure that it’s a bug, as I would expect a call to a function from an external source to be different than an internal call to that function, but I’ve entered a bug report for it anyway (UE-13983) in case developers decide they can change call when it’s pasted into its own Blueprint. I’ll let you know what happens with it. Thanks for giving those extra details!