[4.7.5] Crash when making scene root component

Hi there,

when I try to reparent a blueprint (derived from Actor), adding a scene component and trying to make this new root component editor instantly crashes.


When I work with a blueprint which has a scene as root component, all meshes are invisible in viewport (in game itself they are visible)

Follow up:

All components which are accessed from construction script will render invisible in viewport of blueprint editor:

When I disconnect this execution pin, they are visible again.

I just set static meshes / materials to configured values there instead of default values.

I could do that in from event graph (“Begin Play”) but then I can’t configure blueprint in editor details and see changes.

Hi ,

I was able to reproduce a crash when making any change to root of a reparented Blueprint in 4.7.5 as well as our internal build, and I’ve created a bug report for it in our system (UE-13774). I’ll let you know as soon as I see an update on that. Thanks for reporting it!

other issue you’re posting about appears to be unrelated, so I’d like you to open a new post in Bug Reports section with same details and screenshot, please. I’ll start looking into that one in meantime. Thanks!

Hi ,

Just letting you know that this has been fixed internally and should no longer be an issue in 4.8, once it is released. Please let us know if you see this again after release. Thanks!

Thank you , looking forward to 4.8. :slight_smile:

This problem is back again in 4.20.

wait just do it again trust ,me please

I use this line to init component ,fix problem
NewObject<CLASSNAME>(this, TEXT("StaticMesh"))