4.7.4 MoveToActor() Hot Fixed is not working.

Well, in 4.7.1-4.7.3, we had problem with MoveToActor() function, which doesn’t really updated AI’s target destination when goal actor move. Anyhow Epic released 4.7.4 hotfix to solve this issue (!):

Sadly, this only make the AI update its target destination periodically (I believe it’s 0.5 sec interval between each update). So right now, all AI will run in straight line, then make a sharp turn, run in straight line again, repeated, until the goal actor is reached.

I hardly see this as a good fix to the problem… So can someone help look into this issue again?


As far as I know this is how is was supposed to be working all along. I believe this update frequency can be set as a property on the navigation mesh - at the very bottom of the details panel.

It’s inevitable that the paths are updated periodically, but you can increase the frequency if you want.

Oh gosh so sorry, I’ll try that!

Thx :slight_smile:

Ok, I’ve tried it. The only value that looks correct is anything below 0.1 sec interval. This raise another question.

If path is such a heavy load, is there any other movement function for following a moving actor?