4.7.4 Editor Crash with network support (Multiplayer Shootout).

Downloaded and verified all files, editor crashes on start up.

For networking I used the same set up as the ‘Multiplayer Shootout’ example, I carried over whatever is causing the crashing and now can not open any of my project files.

A fresh new project of ‘Multiplayer Shootout’ also instantly crashes.

Just went and created a project with Multiplayer Shootout (with 4.7.4) to test what you said and yes I’m getting the same thing:

Instant crash with fresh new project

*sent the crash log

I have the exact same issue, I ran the MultiplayerShooter and it crashes… except now my main project also crashes, I’ve tried a restart, deleting MultiplayerShootout and an engine verify, but I can’t figure out what the problem is.

Thank you for reporting this. I have been able to successfully re-create this issue and have submitted a ticket for it with UE-13250.

Thank you!


looks like its serverlist.uasset in the widgets folder thats causing all the problems. If you delete that you can start working again. I dont have a previous version to rollback and see what serverlist actually does(code wise) but its something in there that seems to cause the crash.

hope that helps some people.

thanks nate i will try this, until it is fully resolved

Issue appears to be fixed with the 4.7.5 release.

Thank you UE team.