4.7.4 Crash on play

Just updated to 4.7.4 from 4.7.3, and now when I press play, UE4 crashes every time. I’ve tried disconnecting events in blueprints, to make sure nothing is being called when game starts, but it still happens.
post-crash error report log shows “Access violation - code c0000005 (first/second chance not available)”.
project played fine in 4.7.3, and suddenly it crashes UE4. Is there a way to fix this?

Edit: I should also note that other projects seem to work fine. If I make a new project from vehicle template, crash does not occur.

Hi jos3ph,

Please and attach crash log from your project so we can take a look. You can find it in your project folder under Saved. Thanks!

Hi ,
Here is attachment. Thanks.
link text

Hi jos3ph,

Thanks! We’re looking into this now. When it crashed, did you submit crash report? Next time it crashes like this, please include a description and select Send. Thanks!

Additionally, please try disabling deferred dependency loading system (by overriding bDeferDependencyLoads in BaseEngine.ini to bDeferDependencyLoads=false). This will revert back to our old way of loading blueprints, and is more risky when it comes to cyclic dependencies, but it may unblock your project. Let me know what happens after trying that, as well. Thanks!

Hi jos3ph,

It looks like this crash is related to another we discovered in 4.7.4. (UE-13250) and a fix is on it’s way. In meantime, disabling deferred dependency loading system as described above should at least allow you to open project again. If you still experience this issue once fix has been released, please let us know. Thanks!

Hi ,
I have tried setting bDeferDependencyLoads=false, but crash still occurs when I press play button. I have submitted another error report referencing this question page.

Is it same crash? Can you attach crash log in project with bDeferDependencyLoads disabled?

I’m not sure if it is same crash. I have submitted another crash report referencing this thread, and here is new crash dump. Thanks

Looks like same crash. Thanks for checking that out for me! We were able to track down problem, and fix is forthcoming. Please respond to this thread after it’s released if it doesn’t fix your project. You should return bDeferDependencyLoads to True before then. Thanks!