[4.7.3] - Tiled terrain issue worse than before?

Hey -

As we know, the tiled terrain import functionality was broken in 4.7.2… In that it would overlap all elements imported.

I just created a new project in 4.7.3 - and tried to do an import of a tiled map and got the following result :

I know all of the figures I needed for my tiled map (and have a working import in 4.6)

Is there a new way of importing these terrains now? A different workflow perhaps - as it definitely doesn’t have the save results for me in 4.7.3 as 4.6…

Bumping for details as I can’t upgrade until I know what is happening here.

Hi, that is strange, I have double checked tiled import and it works in 4.7.3, at least we our test content. Could you attach here source heightmaps, we will try to reproduce it? Also we will need import scale settings.

Sent you a dropbox link to the files :slight_smile:

Ok, to import landscape from World Machine with real scale, here is what you need.
In World Machine open “World Commands -> Project World Parameters” dialog.

You need two parameters which are in red.

Details Scale: 1.239 meters/pixel in unreal it will be ~124 since we use centimeters. This is XY scale value you want to use on importing.
Maximum Elevation: 2625 meters. 262500 centimeters in unreal. So Z scale should be calculated like this 262500/65535*128 ~ 513.

Hope it helps!

I will try this when I get home tonight - I’m currently using 512 though and it still comes in flat.