[4.7.3] Suggest Commenting Out x86-64

I’ve noticed that setting bBuildforx8664=true in the BaseEngine.ini leads to a build failure in Visual Studio.

This may lead some people astray as someone building for Android on x86 is likely to set both x86 and x8664 to true.

Propose adding a warning noting that it is not yet a functional flag.

Basically I would suggest changing this:

To this instead:

Hey ChrisPrice,

I’ll run this past the Android dev to get his thoughts, and if it gets the thumbs up he’ll either put in a fix for an upcoming hotfix/release or I’ll put in a feature request for it to be implemented at some future point. Thanks for the input!

Hi ChrisPrice,

I spoke to the Android dev, and he advised that x8664 isn’t supported yet, so setting bBuildforx8664=true will fail every time. He hopes to provide support for it very soon. Thanks very much!