4.7.3 Hotfix is live!

The 4.7.3 Hotfix is now live! It contains a large number of fixes for our latest release, especially many for crashes, all listed below.

Feel free to continue the discussion about this release on the 4.7 announcement thread.

If you experience a bug with the 4.7.3 Hotfix, please remember to log a bug report for the issue on the UE4 AnswerHub to the Bug Reports section.

Fixed in 4.7.3

UE-11029 Crash after converting to 4.7.0 from 4.6.1
UE-11404 Second player is not affecting by any gamepad input.
UE-11402 Editor will not build if you have PS4 code, and ONLY SDK 2.0
UE-11485 Compiling the engine with Xcode 6.3 beta generates errors
UE-10128 Preview Static mesh does not translate with socket
UE-11315 Bugg 38187: SIGSEGV: invalid attempt to access memory at address 0x1010102
UE-10569 Crash when opening maps and blueprints in user’s project
UE-10708 Build failing for users project with all platforms
UE-11312 Mac Bugg 38298: SIGSEGV: invalid attempt to access memory at address 0x3
UE-11369 Crash when clicking on a “Two Bone IK” node
UE-11185 A function in a Blueprint Function Library that references another function in that library cannot be saved after closing and reopening the project
UE-11322 Crash when refreshing/moving/deleting BP nodes
UE-11743 4.7 does not support Morpheus under SDK 2.0
UE-11302 Cannot deploy to iPad
UE-11692 Crash when rendering hit proxies
UE-11304 Can’t compile CrossCompilerTools due to missing file
UE-11484 Fix Xcode 6.3 beta clang issues.
UE-11393 Tiled landscape import’ creates overlapped landscape components
UE-11017 GitHub 857 : Fixed native enum support in blackboard component.
UE-10697 Crash when opening Post Process Material with Live Data Preview running in Profiler
UE-11225 Closing Chunk Parameters tabs with chunk selected and reopening Destructible will cause crash
UE-10149 Project crashes on load after modifying Parent Blueprints
UE-11244 Crash when renaming assets from the Persona asset browser
UE-11272 Blueprint compile error when upgrading project
UE-11319 Crash on project open (Assertion Failed)
UE-11401 Need more logging in the Deployment Server
UE-11292 Editor Crashes when clicking on Transform(Modify) Bone node in Content Examples
UE-10900 Crash in FBatchingSPDI::DrawMesh in stand alone game
UE-11505 Crash launching Blueprint Office standalone
UE-10856 Crash on dragging static meshes into the scene
UE-11298 Crash with Distance Fields while using World Composition
UE-11422 GitHub 894 : wrong parsing of the return of adb cmd: device
UE-11447 Player Character does not collide with landscape
UE-11638 GetActorsPerception useless in 4.7
UE-11589 GitHub 909 : Update .gitignore
UE-11605 Overridden components are broken in static Actors in cooked build
UE-11666 UberGraphFunction should be preloaded in Class::Link
UE-11711 Severe log spam when particles collide with static objects
UE-11640 AI Move To issues in 4.7
UE-11360 Placing a ’ - ’ in theproject name will cause the Android build to fail
UE-11647 Denver Tegra K1 (Nexus 9) disables rendering thread causing bad performance
UE-11383 Screen orientation is ignored on Android devices.
UE-11460 A level will not save if a Blueprint that uses a Blueprint Component with an Event Dispatcher is placed in it
UE-11600 Performing a hot reload on a project that contains an FStringAssetReference will crash the Editor.
UE-11707 Implement workaround for Localization being broken for a number of editor strings
UE-11592 Cook on the fly Android projects crash after launching on the device.
UE-11739 In some circumstances CrowdManager doesn’t get created.
UE-11321 Crash when creating landscape
UE-11777 BP-implemented BT decorators end up thinking they’re not on active branch
UE-11826 MediaPlayer14 class lookup crash with distribution builds
UE-11840 Launch on Nexus 9 fails due to unknown arm64-v8a architecture
UE-11893 Editor crashes when dragging a docked window