[4.7.3] 2D Blendspace Crashes

While hovering my mouse over a 2D Blendspace the editor freezes and crashes shortly afterwards. It occured multiple times, nearly everytime when I’m watching too long the transistions in the blendspace. In the taskmanager I noticed an increasing usage of RAM while the editor freezed.

I have absolutly no clue what could be source of this problem. My blendspace looks like this:


Furthermore I attached the project log and the bugreport after the crash.

[project log][2]


Hi ,

This matches a callstack for a bug that I entered earlier (UE-13031). It deals mainly with AimOffset and Blendspace Graphs. Thanks for reporting this!!


Hi ,

thanks for your response! I’m glad that it is an known issue and taken care of.

I have the same issue, is there a workaround while the bug is being fixed?

Hi Michaël,

I’m sorry, but there have been no reports of a workaround and this hasn’t been reproduced internally. We actually just released the 4.8 Preview 1 today. Can you check if the problem still occurs in 4.8?


Hi ,

I checked it with the final 4.8 build and it looks like the bug is gone. Thank you very much!

Awesome. Glad it’s fixed for you :slight_smile: