4.7.2 - Remove from parent and Set input mode UIOnly not working right ?

I guys im new to blueprinting, here is what I have screenshots are included. The game starts and displays the UI to start and quit the game, when you click on start game, it dosent remove the UI but loads the new level, also input modes dont seem to make any difference, when the game loads, clicking on the viewport space and dragging will move the camera around in the background scene, even though i set the input to UI only… the project was a blank project with no assets included.

Any ideas ?

Menu blueprint

Level blueprint

where did you get this setup from? the docs? a tutorial?

altho it’s for multiplayer the twitch from yesterday had a good way to handle menus & startup, you can watch it here -> http://www.twitch.tv/unrealengine

will try to find something to help (k, none of this is eloquent in fact i’m looking to use something similar to what was used in the twitch stream I linked if it works out right)
(top part is pulled straight out of an EventBeginPlay node, the area commented as “Menu” sets the game paused node when an even key is pressed while running the game, set this in your project settings under input and set/name an event n set a key press to it.)(also notice I actually set an Object in the top section so I can access the UMG BP called ‘MainMenu’ (variable set using an object pointing to my UMG BP)notice I ‘get’ the variable in the bottom commented section ‘Menu’ so I can use it for the target in AddToViewport as well as set widget input for SetGameModeAndUI)

(bottom image will show you a simple way to get things to work after it’s setup correctly)

there are some very good documentation as well as some tutorials you can find that will help a lot now as well -> https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/GettingStarted/index.html you can also search the docs as well as the wiki too.
good stuff , good luck and I hope I helped some

Thank you for the detailed help ayretek, ill setup a new project and test your way to hopefully see why mine dosent work as expected. id have to implement the pause function like you have too, that and the input action menu i havent seen before, thanks

I based mine off of both the unreal documentation and some examples on the net, then changed and added a few things to work the way i wanted.

I couldn’t find the UI menu on twitch you gave, only thing there close was the new motion graphics UI, unless i missed it! Also when I do create my menu system, its going to be fully implemented, to have a settings screen as well as a main games screen etc, so ill post the relevant blueprints here when its working!

I have a few questions about your blueprints, whats the difference between load stream level and open level, is it that one loads it in the background and the other dosent, and why do you have an extra set game pause after you set the user input to game and UI, cause you paused it alrady then your pausing it again ?

in the stream, he showed at the beginning how he had setup his menu & how he started up & explained it pretty well, it’s right at the very first. it is for multiplayer but if setup correctly it could be left in for later use if one wanted to.

if you read closely the Event node: InputActionMenu is setup in your Project Setting in a drop down list on top tab above the viewport, it’s not a custom or part of the engine as is. Go into Input in the Project Settings & hit the plus to add an Action Event then assign a key from the keyboard to it in the field below it once it’s added. I named it Menu is why it shows up with that name, ie: InputAction’Menu’

afaik the Load Level is about the same it just has more inputs (options)
Note: always keep in mind things change sometimes with each new version of UE4 Engine, I think this was done in 4.5 or 4.6. most things don’t change much as far as functionality but that isn’t always guaranteed.

The pause question, if you’re talking about the one in top pic commented specifically ‘Menu’ the first is a check to see if game is paused. (it was sort of a failsafe in fact I think there is a condition where it can come in unpaused in either this game or another game I probably snatched this out of)(I do that a lot especially for the GameJams, constraints on time will make one do that, lol.)(you can copy n paste easily between BPs and even projects, even ones with different versions just carefully in the last case)

  1. InputActionMenu node set as I described above is a key press that is set in project settings
  2. the Branch (btw you can hold the B key and left click for a quick branch node) tests the condition right below it IsGamePaused (you can find this in Context Menu almost anytime to check condition of game Pause)
  3. if not Paused I pause it w/ SetGamePaused node
  4. the 2nd one , or either could be considered redundant in this case as I explained above

again gl n hope I helped some

Big thanks for the explanation on the action menu, i managed to find it ok, i on second life at the moment so not got round to redesigning what i done yet, ive yet to use things like variables and things to use in blueprints, its something i want to do, as well as custom functions, and automating the building of ui elements, cause my UI will have to be dynamic in places. Yea it was the second pause that i was curious about.

Im rather excited about this engine, its the first time that i can actually see my self creating a good game, ive tried other engines but there, cryengine was my last that was a total pain in the ****, but unreal is a breath of fresh air, and i love the blueprints because it reminds me of quest3d which i liked, so looking forward to learning more about how to do things !