4.7.2 Issue - BP setup doesn't work ( Morph target bug? ) , also UMG slider question

Hi all,

I’m having some issues with my BP, which inside 4.6.1 workf sine, while the same scene inside 4.7.2 doesn’t work anymore, and I have no idea why…The BP looks fine, no errors, but the entire system doesn’t work.

The BP setup is a morphing system and I usually use the details panel to change values in realtime as you can see here.
Inside the skeletal mesh tab I can change the values in realtime ( just to check if the morphs were broken ), so I’m sure that the mesh is not the problem.
I also tried to simply hook up a single morph target connected to a float value and expose it on the details panel, but also it doesn’t work, so I’m thinking about a bug maybe?

On a side note UMG are driving me crazy…I followed the same BP setup as this one, but still the slider, during simulation, doesn’t do its job and I don’t know why ( tested on 4.6.1 ).
I’m simply trying to control the morph target value via a slider, but I’m not sure I’m doing the setup correctly, since I tried different solution but still the slider doesn’t do its job :frowning:

Any suggestion please?