(4.7.2) Inupt Axis values not in Scope

Hey Guys,

I’m having an issue with my movement events. I have them hooked up to an axis event but when I play the character does not move. I debug and watch the variable but it says the variable is not in scope.

Here’s a quick screenshot of the code.

Any suggestions?


Looks like a duplicate question, see: Major 4.7 bug? all variables not in scope? no local vectors exist? - Blueprint - Unreal Engine Forums

I’ve been debugging it and I think the issue is with the “add movement input” node.
The axis events are sending out the correct values as well as the forward and right vectors that supply the “World Direction” however the character is still not moving in any way.

Yeah, so I found the problem with mine… The root motion box was checked in the Idle animation which caused the character to not move.

Thanks guys