4.7.2 Install issues, looping through verify/repair

I start Launcher (tried both with or without administrator)
Left column shows 4.6.1 as default
It also shows 4.7.2, 4.6.1, 4.5.1, 4.4.3, 4.3.1, 4.2.1 in dropdown menu.
In top main window where you add versions in Library, it also shows each of these in and a greyed out 4.7.2.
I’ve seen it downloading 4.7.X on several occasions and for quite a while. I see a download icon up top between my profile name and ‘Add a friend’ icon, and a loading bar if I click on that I think.
I’ve clicked on buttons that say verify and repair on a number of occasions for 4.7.X.
After a little while in launcher, 4.7 will disappear from dropdown menu and listed Library large icons.
Whilst in Library ‘+ Add Versions’ is not functional, and does not respond to clicking.

4.1.2 also has a large icon in library but is a charcoal colour and in yellow says ‘Install’.
If I remove that icon using X top left of icon to ‘Uninstall’ that 4.1.2 icon disappears, and then ‘+Add versions’ text is then bright and becomes a clickable link.

If I click it, it adds 4.1.2 back, with no mention of 4.7.X anywhere, so it is not an option to install.

If I close and reopen launcher I go back to square one, with 4.7.2 being mentioned, but disappears after a while in menus.

What can I do to get off this non-4.7 merry-go-round?

‘Not installed Unreal Engine 4.7.2’ top left
In library added version 4.7.2, Icon has ‘Create Project’ as default text. I click downarrow and then I click Verify it says initializing, download icon is up top right corner with a white 1 in an orange circle. Click on it, and Under Pending tasks It shows a loading bar animating which appears to be updating/downloading 4.7.2. It finished and still says Not installed in top left menu, but main ‘Add version’ icon, has Update, and minutes later now says repair. I click repair and I see 'initializing, and load bar under Pending Tasks is showing it is downloading again. 10 % in icon is now saying verifying. When that is done, default drop down in large icon for 4.7.2, still charcoal colour, is ‘repair’. After a number of times doing this default drop down for 4.7.2 library says ‘Create Project’ which does nothing at all when clicked on.

Noting also Size of all of downloaded engine versions hasn’t appeared to change from 51.303Gb at all with all this happening.

I don’t believe 4.7.1 was ever really properly installed either. But I have clicked large icon under page where you add new versions, but 4.7 stream has never been in (installed colour) and ‘removed’ it. Now I can’t even try to add it again.

Interestingly there was also an added version not fully installed for 4.1.2, and despite continually ‘removing’ it, it would appear as a version ((not though). I thought I would fully install that and it would come good, but no, now it wants to only allow an even older version 4.0.X !

Does re-installing launcher remove all previous versions? (now at 60Gb worth).


Hi Loucsam,

Have you tried Removing 4.7 version, then reinstalling? If that doesn’t work, can you also try redownloading Launcher? Let us know what happens!

If you run installer again, your installed engines aren’t touched and they will show up in Launcher again. I’m hoping it will recognize that 4.7 install isn’t valid and ignore it. Before you run installer again, go to C:\Program Files\Unreal Engine and delete 4.7 folder and 4.1 folder.

Hi Loucsam,

Also, try deleting ‘UE-4.7’ folder from VaultCache location. Directions are listed in excepted answer in ].

I tried updating this thread at least 4 times to say this is now working, but I don’t see my replies anywhere.

I did indeed remove UE-4.7 from VaultCache, as I looked around for stuff to delete prior to reinstalling launcher.

Sorry about that, we are working with our online team to get AnswerHub a bit more streamlined. We see issues like that sometimes too, but hopefully we will see some improvements soon.

Anyways, I’m glad you got it working. Post back here is anything similar pops back up.