[4.7.1]PhysicsConstraintComponent with EnableProjection=on is buggy

I have make a simple car in Blueprint, while the car after falling to the ground, it will flying crazy…

Pawn Blueprint: [BuggyWheel.zip][1]


Experiencing something very similar to this myself in 4.7.1.

No issues in 4.6.

In my own project physics constraints sometimes seem to work fine when I start the game in the editor. But sometimes when I start they go crazy like in the picture above. It seems to be completely random whether they work or not.

Yes, and sometimes crash

Bump this problem.

Hi Anstem,

Looking at the BP this doesn’t appear to be a bug that I can see. You need to disable “Enable Project” and the issue indicated in your image above will disappear.

The tool tip for this indicates that it will project the object if it’s outside the tolerance level, which is what is happening.

Is there a reason to create the car using physics constraints like this or a reason to do it with project enabled?

We also have a series of tutorials going over car setups in UE4: