[4.7.1] Editor freezes on stop

99% of time I stop game in the editor, the whole editor freezes and there is nothing I can do but kill the process and relaunch my project. My team mate doesn’t have this issue, and we are working on the same project. On 4.5.1 it worked fine.

Does anybody else experience this?

Checking the “Use Single Process” checkbox in Level Editor->Play preferences solves the problem. It worked perfectly without it in 4.5 though :wink:

Hello Woland,

I’m glad the issue you were experiencing has been fixed since your original post. I’d like to get some information from you, so we can investigate the issue. So your project is not freezing in 4.5, but it was freezing in 4.7.1 when ‘use single process’ wasn’t selected?

Thank you!

Yes, I had “Use single process” unchecked on 4.5, then I switched to 4.7.1 and the project began to freeze. I checked “Use single process” and it doesnt freeze anymore.

Thank you for providing me with the answers to my questions. I’ll look into the process a bit more and see if a future feature request needs to be made or not.

I appreciate your assistance, good luck with your projects! :slight_smile: