[4.7.1] compatibility problems with all not xperia Z-devices

When the .apk runs on those other devices (not being Sony Xperia Z) the screen is just black, and then, just after that, the message “unfortunately the app stopped” appears.

Target hardware settings, Android SDK settings, and UE4 Android SDK settings images attached:

We have looked for such those mobile phones compatibilities and with all of them the “test game UE4” works correctly. What can we do? How can we solve it?
Thank you!!

the latest UE Version is 4.7.3. Could it fix this problem?

hi Likens
i had the same problem. and i fixed the problem by doing some R&D work. i will help you to fix this problem. please follow this steps to solve the black screen issuse the unreal engine 4 run without any problem in my android mobile. Micromax A74 Canvas Fun - Full phone specifications.

Step 1: Setup the Env variable https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Platforms/Android/Reference/index.html
Step 2: don’t put the ANT_HOME to It must contain a directory called bin with ant.bat in it. , point it to C:\NVPACK\apache-ant-1.8.2 not the bin folder
Step 3: check the variable values in command prompt using the following command echo %JAVA_HOME%, echo %ANDROID_HOME%, echo %ANT_HOME%, echo %NDKROOT%
Step 4: Download the latest unreal engine 4.7.3 and build it Development Editor, and then build it for shipping not the Development in VS2013.
Step 5: Next you export the game you will never get the black screen.