[4.7.0 Preview 4 Bug Report] Array Related Nodes Not Working

So, it was working fine in preview 3, and even for a little while in preview 4, but all of a sudden, my macro started giving me this error and my level thus wouldn’t compile correctly:

As far as I know I’m doing everything correctly. There’s an array feeding into the nodes, so it should be working.

Also (separate from this error), my project has an infinite loop somewhere in it and it’s incredibly hard to debug (well, for one thing because the level won’t compile properly because of the array error) because every time it gets to where the loop might supposedly is, the engine reports that it’s detected an infinite loop, then completely freezes and I have to close the whole thing with the task manager. It’s really annoying and makes debugging very difficult. Also, every time it tells me there’s an infinite loop it tells me a different blueprint. I don’t know what’s up with that, but as far as I can tell the only infinite loop is one that I haven’t programmed the break condition yet, but that shouldn’t be the problem because I have several delay nodes in that loop’s body that don’t run; the engine just crashes.