4.7.0 P7 parameters for dynamic mat instances don't update in game

Install the content examples project in UE4 4.7.0 P7 and open e.g. Destructibles scene. Hit play and walk up to a trigger. The material won’t change, though the destruction behaviour will trigger.

I’ve got a number of dynamic material instances in a game that worked perfectly in older previews and 4.6 but now don’t accept parameter changes.

Sorry if this has been fixed or reported; I’ve been searching for anyone else mentioning it, but came up with nothing.

Fixed in 4.7.0 release build!

here to necro this a little, I’m experiencing similar behavior in 4.15.2, please check my bug report: Dynamic materials: SetScalarParameterOnMaterials erratic when used in BeginPlay - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums