[4.7.0] Notifications stay forever


Several notification bars “Navigation building completed” in a right-bottom corner stays forever, does not reacts on clicking “ok”.
Always on top over main editor window.
Looks like appears after building level in a background several times.

Hi ShurikMur,

Does this occur in 4.7.2? Additionally, what OS are you working on?

OS Win-7 32 bit, 4.7.2 didn’t tested yet.

I’ve had this happen to me with a different notification.
Restarting the engine solved the problem for me. I believe it has something to do with
the auto-save feature, because mine got stuck when that prompt/count-down timer began (for auto-save).

If restarting the engine fixed the problem then don’t worry, it shouldn’t happen too often.


Hi ShurikMur,

Have you tried in 4.7.2 yet? Are you still experiencing this error?

Checked 4.7.2, the problem is gone. Looks like because this notification dialog never appears at all (maybe just blinks for a short time and closes on it’s own).

Hi ShurikMur,

I am happy to hear this is no longer an issue for you. I will mark this as answered for tracking purposes.