4.6 World Size Precision

Hi Guys,

I wanted to ask about the recent increase of map sizes to 20km. Normally, when using Single FP, there’ll be precision errors after a certain distance from the origin is reached.

That’s why the World Composition feature is in, it shifts the origin so that you never have too “big numbers”, where precision errors could come up. Another possibility would be to use doubles instead of singles, but that would decrease perfomance and increase memory consumption generally, which is not ideal, because not every UE4 game needs big maps.

Now my question is, how do big maps hold up in terms of precision as of the 4.6 update? Also, what has changed technically to make 20km maps now feasible?

If this question has been answered before, I’d be happy to be given a link. I’ve searched before but couldn’t find a suitable one.

I’m quite curious about this as well. At the moment my plan is to just stick to a maximum of 10km, if needed. So I hope that I’ll be fine within that range, if Epic says that 20km works now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Really curious about this as well.

I have noticed some precision issues with physics as i get closer to the edge of the world, but thats always expected i suppose. Also, as far as i know you can shift world origin even in a single level but i havent fiddled with that yet.

How severe were they? Just curious here :slight_smile:

Just some jittery movement issues. I havent tested to see how bad it is with collision.

Alright :slight_smile:

Just curious how far out did it start to become visible?

It starts to become more obvious after 8km from the origin. So that still leaves you 16km+16km safe area for physics(distance also has effect on lighting, btw, but that again is something i havent tested properly.)