4.6 Remote Build for iOS issue with mobile provision after upgrade

I also created a ticket found here:


Just a quick background. I have a c++ iOS project that I have successfully build/deployed from a PC using the RemoteBuildTool on an iOS machine since version 4.2. I understand all of the complicated setup necessary since I have been upgrading it all the way to 4.5. Now I just upgraded it to 4.6 by creating a new c++ project so I could use the Import Mobile Provision/Certificate options available.

I’m able to build it remotely but when it gets to the mobile provision part it goes bad. Please take a look at the log file and help me determine what may be missing and what I might be able to do to fix it. Thank you SO much for your time!



Not to ask the obvious, but did you copy your mobile provisioning file into the 4.6 engine? It won’t look in the 4.5 engine folder for it.

That being said, we are also seeing a similar problem since moving our project to 4.6. We did copy our mobile provisioning profile to the new engine folder. Unlike you, we’re able to build the IPA, but TestFlightApp.com, which we use for distribution, will not accept the build, saying it’s invalid.

Our issues might be related. Unfortunately, I don’t have an answer yet on what’s causing mine.