4.6 Preview Standalone game crashes and never works again


I dont know when this exactly started but in 2 of my projects standalone game just crashes. Reboot does not fix it. Also you can see the windows of the standalone game just before it crashes. Here is a crash report:

 Access violation - code c0000005 (first/second chance not available)
 UE4Editor_UnrealEd + 3154797 bytes
 UE4Editor_UnrealEd + 3206143 bytes
 UE4Editor_UnrealEd + 9877802 bytes
 UE4Editor_UnrealEd + 9616780 bytes
 UE4Editor_CoreUObject + 626800 bytes
 UE4Editor_CoreUObject + 946322 bytes
 UE4Editor_CoreUObject + 1054484 bytes
 UE4Editor_CoreUObject + 878004 bytes
 UE4Editor_CoreUObject + 686086 bytes
 UE4Editor_CoreUObject + 1094210 bytes
 UE4Editor_CoreUObject + 946764 bytes
 UE4Editor_CoreUObject + 1054484 bytes
 UE4Editor_CoreUObject + 944791 bytes
 UE4Editor_CoreUObject + 947419 bytes
 UE4Editor_CoreUObject + 1062891 bytes
 UE4Editor_CoreUObject + 1460613 bytes
 UE4Editor_CoreUObject + 1193007 bytes
 UE4Editor_CoreUObject + 1189666 bytes
 UE4Editor_CoreUObject + 1193874 bytes
 UE4Editor_CoreUObject + 1189666 bytes
 UE4Editor_CoreUObject + 941747 bytes
 UE4Editor_CoreUObject + 947419 bytes
 UE4Editor_CoreUObject + 1062891 bytes
 UE4Editor_CoreUObject + 1460613 bytes
 UE4Editor_Engine + 9512054 bytes
 UE4Editor_Engine + 9260261 bytes
 UE4Editor_Engine + 3801782 bytes
 UE4Editor_Engine + 3703342 bytes
 UE4Editor!FEngineLoop::Init() + 1147 bytes [d:\buildfarm\buildmachine_++depot+ue4-releases+4.6\engine\source\runtime\launch\private\launchengineloop.cpp:1917]
 UE4Editor!GuardedMain() + 292 bytes [d:\buildfarm\buildmachine_++depot+ue4-releases+4.6\engine\source\runtime\launch\private\launch.cpp:126]
 UE4Editor!GuardedMainWrapper() + 26 bytes [d:\buildfarm\buildmachine_++depot+ue4-releases+4.6\engine\source\runtime\launch\private\windows\launchwindows.cpp:126]
 UE4Editor!WinMain() + 249 bytes [d:\buildfarm\buildmachine_++depot+ue4-releases+4.6\engine\source\runtime\launch\private\windows\launchwindows.cpp:202]
 UE4Editor!__tmainCRTStartup() + 329 bytes [f:\dd\vctools\crt\crtw32\dllstuff\crtexe.c:618]

btw. I am on the launcher preview


Hey DJ_Lectr0,

Can you give me the full crash report and dmp file? This thread explains how to get them.

And, just to be clear, you have two projects that crash when you play them in Standalone Game mode, and only those two have that problem? Other projects, or new/blank projects, play normally in Standalone Game mode?

Sure, here you go:

Yes at the moment only those two have the problem. But I have not touched other projects with 4.6 so cannot say about them. Also blank projects do not appear to have that issue.

It looks like the crash is occurring when saving your blueprints for the standalone game.

I would recommend temporarily removing one blueprint at a time to see which one causes the crash. If you can find the blueprint that causes the crash, we can find what part of the blueprint is causing the crash and fix it.

I am having this issue currently, was just about to post a bug report after i tracked this down for like 2 hours…

Turn off the option “save on compile” . make sure its set to never. that did it for me.
when i set it to “save on success” it always crashes the standalone game.

Also, if you ever need a quick lazy mans fix, you can force the project to do a clean launch. Just close everything and delete the following folders: binaries, intermediate, saved, and any other ones generated from a publish.

Basically, you’ll want to keep your .uproject file along with the Config, Content, Source and plugins folders.

If you have plugins you made and want to refresh them too, open up the plugin folder and search for “binaries” and delete them all.

It will ask you to compile all code when you relaunch and it will regenerate the missing bits with defaults.You do need visual studio installed to compile code.

I can confirm that this works. Thank you very much

Hey xdbxdbx,

Thanks for letting us know about this workaround.

This issue has been fixed internally. We’ll deploy the fix when possible.

How do i turn off ‘‘save on compile’’? Where is the option? Thanks alot.

Go into Editor Preferences->Blueprint Editor->Save on Compile and set it to ‘Never’.

This option only exists in 4.6 and later builds.

Ah i already had this set to ‘never’, but the program still crashes everytime i play in editor (new editor window) of my game. Here is the ‘copy of callstack’ when i get the crash.

It sounds like that’s a different issue, then. Can you make a new Question for it? In that new Question, please post your full crashlog and dmp file - this thread explains how to get them.