4.6 Install Broken in Launcher

It’s taken me a while to get 4.6 downloaded, and now it won’t launch or let me create projects from the Launcher.

To get 4.6, I went to the Library tab and selected ‘+Add Engine’. I selected 4.6.0 from the drop-down and clicked the ‘Install’ button. This started the download correctly. Some time into the download, there was a power failure.

When I opened the Launcher again and went to the Library tab, the 4.6.0 Engine was still listed with an ‘Install’ button, which I then clicked to once again download. The download completed, and verified correctly.

However, I can’t launch the Engine from the Launcher, or create new projects.

This is what the launcher looks like now:


Investigating the folder structure, things look a little wierd too. 4.6 has been downloaded to my VaultCache, but doesn’t seem to be in the right place - afaik, it should be in the 4.6 top level folder. Also, there seems to be a half-download in the PatchStaging folder.


The Editor launches just fine from the VaultCache\UE_4.6\data\Engine\Binaries folder.

I have tried moving the 4.6 files to the top level 4.6 folder, but then the launcher doesn’t show 4.6 as installed.

Is there any way to fix this so that the Launcher works as expected?

Additional Info:

  • I’ve re-installed the latest Launcher.
  • 4.5.1 Engine still launches and works correctly from the Launcher.

For anyone else with a similar situation, I’ll answer my own question.

I’ve managed to get this working.

  • Close the Launcher if you have it open.
  • Move the Launcher\VaultCache\UE_4.6 folder somewhere else, like your desktop. (Not sure if this is required)
  • Copy (or move) the Engine, Samples, and Templates folders from your newly moved UE_4.6\data folder to the PatchStaging\UE_4.6Production-Windows\Install folder.
  • Run the Launcher
  • Goto the Library tab
  • On the 4.6.0 block, click ‘Resume’

This proceeded to then Install and Verify correctly. 4.6 is now correctly installed and launching from the Launcher.