4.6 EQS Results in Component Editor

I don’t think they are supposed to be there :stuck_out_tongue: If this is not happening for you as well, I can try to make more detailed repo steps or even strip down a project. For now, there is a video.

Video Link

By the way, EQS is awesome! At first I didn’t think I was going to use it but now It’s just so simple. It does all the heavy lifting.

Hi ,

Thanks for that video, it makes it clear what is happening. I was trying to reproduce it, but I am not having much luck. Is this happening to all of your EQS pawns? If you made a new one with just a basic query, does it still happen? Can you send me a screenshot of your eventgraph (it was too blurry to read in the video)? Any additional information may help.

Test event graph is not the important part. Here’s one better though. A small project with this happening using no custom classes or tests. Just a distance test set to score only. Hope it helps.


Hey ,

Thanks for that additional info. Our AI team was able to find this and reproduce it consistently. I’ve submitted a ticket (UE-6549) for them to track their progress to the fix. Thank you for your report. Please let me know if you have any questions.