4.6 EQS Crash When Deleting Generator

I have encountered a bug that should be easily reproduced.

REPO Steps:

  1. Create a Basic EQS Pawn and place it in the level
  2. Setup a query with a path grid generator Max Distance:1800 Density:100
  3. Add a distance test set to score only with a scoring equation of inverse linear
  4. Add a trace test set to filter only
  5. Save and apply this query to the test pawn in the scene
  6. Delete the generator from the Query. The engine crashes.

My thoughts on this is that the pawn is actively using the query in editor so since it does not have a result being returned, it gets null back and crashes. You seem to be able to delete the generator just fine if there is nothing in the scene using it.

You’re right, that’s exactly what’s going on - the EQSTestingPawn is reacting to every change to the query asset it’s using. There are some cases however when we don’t want that. Like this one :slight_smile:

Thanks for reporting it, I’ll get it fixed!