4.6 Editor crashing on Play In Editor, ONLY when ''Play in new editor window'' (with custom game mode?)

4.6 Editor crashing on Play In Editor, ONLY when ‘Play in new editor window’ (with custom game mode?).##

Branch: Binary build from unreal engine launcher

Build Version: 4.6.0 - 2369412

Description: I can play the game in every other option (selected view-port, standalone game and simulate) without any issues, however when i ‘Play in new editor window’ the editor crashes. However, when i change the game mode override in the world settings from my custom game mode to the default ‘MyGame’ game mode, which works fine with no issues in the ‘Play in new editor window’ mode.

It seems that it is now occurring when i connect my level blueprint nodes that are simply as follows…
Event begin play —> Create Widget —> Add to view port
the editor crashes, and when they are not connected, there is no crash.

The .DMP file file is in the attached.


Hi Lawrie,

Does this occur in a clean project with no additional content? Was this project migrated from 4.5? Can you post your crash logs, callstack, and dxdiag here so we can have a look? Thank you!


This appears to be a problem with the Widget Blueprint rather than the code to create the viewport. I think a possible source of the problem is “Text” in the Widget Blueprint. When i changed the font size multiple times it caused the editor to crash. This happened twice in a row. when i did get the text to the size i needed i played in viewport to see if my main menu was working and it was fine. However when i came back later to test the main menu again, it crashed. I tried three times and each time it crashed. When i attempted to open my Main menu Widget Blueprint, the editor crashed. I can’t say for certain that its the “Text” but because it crashed the editor twice before causing it is a possible source.

Hi ,

Can you post a copy of your logs here so we can have a look? Additionally, were you changing the size of the text in the design details pane or were you accessing it from the event graph?

Hello .

I was changing the size of the text within the design details.
I have recently attempted to replicate the crash however i have had little to no luck in doing so. It seems to be a completely random occurrence.

If you need the logs, can you direct me to where they are stored?


Hi ,

Go to the filepath \Unreal Projects\PROJECTNAME\saved\logs\ . Please make sure to grab the logs from the most recent crash. Thank you!

Hello .

I have attached the log as a text file.


link text

Do you have specific steps that I can take to reproduce this on my end? Additionally, have you attempted to reproduce this in 4.6.1?


These are the steps i took in 4.6.0:

Created a WidgetBlueprint

Opened up the designer tab within the Widget

Created two buttons and one Text.

Changed the size of the text in appearance and then changed the text displayed.

Changed the size to 200 and then the editor crashed

Re-opened the editor and went back into the WidgetBlueprint

Changed the text again and changed size to 200

Created a level blueprint in a level
Event Begin → CreateWidget(MyWidgetBlueprint) → AddToViewport(MyWidgetBlueprint hooked up to target)

Played in new editor window

Stopped playing and went back to MyWidgetBlueprint

Changed the text size, editor crashed

Restarted the editor and clicked play, editor crashed

Restarted the editor, attempted to view MyWidgetBlueprint, Editor crashed

I have attempted to reproduce this in 4.6.1 and i have been unsuccessful which indicates it may have been fixed.

Thank you

Hi ,

I have not been able to reproduce this on my end. I am happy to hear, however, that you are no longer experiencing this crash as of 4.6.1. If this is the case, I am going to go ahead and mark this thread as answered. If you or Lawrie are still experiencing this crash or if it resurfaces later, please comment back and let me know so I can continue to try and assess what is occurring. Thank you!