4.6 Crash on Play

Hey Guys! I’m working on a project in 4.6 and it keeps crashing whenever I click on the PIE button.

It started when I was working on a trace function, which compiled properly. But when I clicked the play button it crashed. So, I started it once again and deleted the entire function and compiled. Now, everything is similar to that of the good old working version. However, it still crash my editor on play.

This is the error log I’ve received on crash :

How can I fix this. Am i doing something wrong or is it just a bug. The same project was working fine until now.

Please help.

Thank You.

Hi Amaresh,

From the Callstack it looks like UE4 is detecting an infinite loop. The editor should detect infinite loops and warn you on compile, but double check your blueprint and see if you can find anything that could be causing it.

Also, could you get your Crash Log and DMP files, zip them, and post them here?

@TJ Ballard I’ve deleted the trace function already which was causing an infinite loop, but still it keeps giving me the same error.

And here is the attached Crash Log

Please help as I don’t want to do everything from scratch.

It looks like the file you deleted may have been referenced by other blueprints. What was the name of the .uasset you deleted and what did it do?

Also, did you add or change anything to the engine.ini file?

No, I haven’t changed anything in the engine.ini file.

And as far as the asset is concerned. It is MyCharacter blueprint in which I had a function which was causing an infinite loop.

But I’ve deleted that function, but it seems to have corrupted MyCharacter blueprint somehow.

When I change the player character inside the game mode it works. That’s how I found out that BP is corrupted.

@TJ Ballard Whenever I click on the components tab inside of the MyCharacter BP. The engine crashes.

You’re right, it does seem corrupted. Which limits what we can fix. How much work would it be to create a new Character blueprint and copy/paste your blueprints over?

I’ve created the entire blueprint from scratch. It was a bit of copy paste, but it was worth it. Deleted the previous blueprint entirely and it all works fine.
All’s well that ends well.
Thanks for your time and support anyways.

You’re welcome, I’m just glad you got it working. Good luck with your project.