4.6 Crash on Play after changing Game classes names and deleting empty project folders

After working some days with a Paper2D project, everything perfect until now. Some time before I have deleted two folders from content browser of the original 2DsideScroller template: IdleFrames and RunFrames. This folders appears again every-time I opened my project but Everything ok until today (innocent me) tried to delete them physically form my hard disk using windows explorer, and making some content “fix up” command, after that I created a new blueprint with a sprite component and a new Enum type; Sudently clicking somewhere the editor closed (first CRASH), after that every time I open the project the game Crashes when I click Play in the Editor.

Version: 4.6.0 (Binary from Unreal Launcher) Blueprints only project.
Occurrence: Every time y click Play. Other projects work fine.

Unsuccessfully tried:

  1. Restoring both folders from windows trash. Nothing.
  2. Removing last blueprint and enum added. Nothing.
  3. Cloning Project. Nothing.
  4. New empy level. Nothing.
  5. Setting back default GameMode, GameState, Character classes. Nothing.

Please, help! After several days learning the awesome UE4 this is my first game project!! I can’t lose it!


See attachments:

Call stack when crash occur

Last 5 crashes logs

Last project logs

Fixed! I found that in Project Settings my custom GameMode and GameInstance classes were mysteriously removed and replaced for the value “none”. I put my bp classes back and my Game run without crashing! :smiley:

Possible explanation: Now remembering I had renamed these clases :slight_smile: . And seems that Project Settings is not automatically updated with these changes.

So my suggestions for users: Give to your BP Classes a good name from the beginning and never change it again.

For UE coders: Please check these case out, when renaming custom GameMode and GameIntance classes they should be updated in Project settings.