[4.6] Character: Setting the mesh to ECB_Yes is not enough, must also set capsule even if it is being ignored

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Character1 (small)
mesh = block Character2 mesh, ignore character 2 capsule
capsule = block character 2 mesh, ignore character 2 capsule

Character2 (big)
Mesh = block Character2 Mesh and capsule
Capsule = ignore character2 Mesh and Capsule

If I only set the Mesh to use ECB_Yes so that the character can stand on the mesh of Character2, it doesnt actually work!

I must also set ECB_Yes on the Capsule of Character2, so that Character 1 can base on it

#Expected Behavior

I was thoroughly expecting that setting ECB_Yes on the mesh of Character 2 would be sufficient, since Character 1 is actually completely ignoring the collision of the capsule of Character 2


I had to set the capusle to ECB_Yes on Character 2 even though Character 1 is ignoring it.


Please make it so that the character basing check will pass and allow character 1 to stand on character to if only the mesh of character 2 is set to ECB_Yes


Here’s a pic for reference!

Both of these creatures are ACharacters, but one is really really big!

I could not get the small one to base on the big one until I set the capsule to ECB_Yes, even though the character is ignoring the Joy Mech’s (the big one) huge collision capsule!

Once I set both the capsule and the mesh to be ECB_Yes, I was able to actually use the small character to walk up the big character’s leg and jump over to the arm, without a jump pack or grapple hook!


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Unfortunately thus far I have not been able to reproduce this on my end. Do you have any reproduction steps that I can take to recreate this on my end? Thank you!

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We have not heard from you in quite some time. I am marking this as answered for tracking purposes. If you are still experiencing this error, please comment here with the requested information.