[4.6 Bug] HiResShot broken

HiResShot is not working in UE 4.6. I have validated that it was working in 4.5.1 by creating a new FP project, and running it as a standalone game. I pull up a console, and type in "HiResShot’. A notification window appears in the bottom right corner and the file would be created in the correct directory.
In 4.6, I ran through the same process. When I would type in the command in the console, it would still come up with the small window letting me know where the file was created, but the “\screenshots\windows*” directories and files were not created.

Hello Tkfore21,

So I tested your issue on my end and was able to confirm this as a bug. I also tried it out in 4.5.1 as well and the command works as intended. The issue does seem to be exclusively a part of the ‘Standalone’ mode. I was able to launch the game via Playing in Editor (PIE) and was able to successfully use the command that way. It also works when using the play in ‘New Editor Window.’

I have created a bug report on JIRA tagged with the number UE-6394. We appreciate the report and ask that you look in the upcoming hot fix release notes for the resolution of your issue. If you have any further questions or need support please let us know!

Thank you,