[4.6] Big framerate

Since 4.6, the Smooth Framerate setting don’t work, I obtain a big framerate.


I have tried with a new blank project, and I get 900 fps in “Mobile Preview”, and 200 fps in “Standalone game”.

Hello Eddy71,

Thank you for your report, but I need a bit more information in order to investigate this issue properly. Would you provide me with the steps to reproduce so I can test this on my own machine?

Also, could you provide me with your dxdiag?

Thank you,

Hello Andrew,

I make a new test with UE 4.6.1, and same problem occurs :

Steps are simple :

1 - Make a new blank project.

2 - In level blueprint, branch an “event begin play” with a “console command” filled with “stat fps”.

3- Play game, I obtain the following framerates :

  • Standalone game : 263 fps
  • Mobile Preview : 988 fps
  • Launch on Device : between 30-60fps (Normal framerate)

I get similar framerate with my project.

I use UE4 since the first 4.0 release, and I have this problem since the 4.6.0 release.

Dxdiag is attached with this post.

Hello Eddy71,

I was able to reproduce the issue you have reported and have forwarded it to our development team. They will test this issue internally and decide how best to resolve it. I wrote up a bug report using the repro steps you have provided and attached your dxdiag as well. We appreciate your feedback as this helps us improve upon the engine and our users experience with the editor. Look in the upcoming release notes posted on the forums to see any updates pertaining to this issue.



I report the same problem. Im waiting to fix because because it is very problematic for me.


Jacek C

Hey Jacek -

Thank you for the additional report, we are still currently investigating the issue and or myself will let everyone know here once a resolution has been reached.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Hey jacenty,

We are conducting our tests for the fix, but would like to know if you have or had the Oculus plugged in at any point when this bug was occurring?

Thank you,