[4.6] 3d UMG panels aren't catching clicks from client on a multiplayer setup

I’m working on a little setup of a card table with some 3D UMG panel components with buttons on them in a multiplayer setting. listen server has no issues going into a UI input mode and clicking buttons in world on 3d UMG components and making stuff happen. With a client who joined listen server, when I go into UI input mode and try to click button, nothing happens. buttons doesn’t go into hover states or anything.

I would guess this perhaps has to do with 3d UMG panels running on server and UI input mode (or specifically, UI + Game input mode in this case) is likely only catching clicks on client side.

Is there a way to get my client side clicks to interact with 3d UMG panel components on a server? Or is this feature just not implemented yet?

I know 3D UMG panels are still experimental, but I am really loving possibilities of these things and am anxious to put them to good use.

Hello Nuchaz,

I was able to reproduce issue that you described above. Thank you for your information and time. I have written a report ( UE-6411) and I have submitted it to developers for further consideration. I will provide updates with any pertinent information as it becomes available.

Awesome! Thanks for looking into this.

As a temporary solution, you can try adding it to client’s viewport. It would then start working and update changes on both viewport and 3D versions.

Is there any update on this? This is a huge, integral part of game I am working on. Without it 3D widgets working in multiplayer, I will more than likely have to scrap my game all together, which I would rather not do :frowning:
While these videos don’t even scrape surface of how complex my 3d Widgets area (old videos), they give you a little idea of sort of work i’m doing.

Hello Otreum,

I went ahead and double checked on this issue for you. status has not been updated to fixed as of yet. I will be sure to bump up community interest in report for you. I hope this information helps.

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I’ve still got repro on this in 4.10.1 (incase it was thought to be fixed).

Thanks for reporting it here, Nuchaz. I found this before I’d spent too long trying to figure out what I was doing wrong.

Yep broke for me to still in 4.10. I love how they keep marking these post as resolved. Widget just flat out dont work in 3d space. UE4 IS NOT a VR engine like they falsely advertise.

A Resolved status simply means that we’ve either entered a bug report in our system, or we’ve gotten as far as we can but were unable to reproduce. In this case, resolution only means that we’re aware of issue, not that it’s been fixed.

VR is getting more attention by developers, but there’s a lot to tackle and 3D widgets may not be first on list of things that need to be addressed.

Still broke in 4.11.2 How can it possibly take this long to fix?

Im a bit new. But is this still being looked into?

Hello theveach,

I went ahead and double checked on this issue for you. status has not been updated to fixed as of yet. I will be sure to bump up community interest in report for you. I hope this information helps.

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would you be so kind and show as to how you set up blueprints on your end for it to work?

I dont know if it helps at all but issue still persists in 4.12.4. I also noticed that whatever client Unreal Engine Editor gives Authority to, is client that has clickable space;however, which ever client has ListenServer, is client that can click. So if you line up your cursor on ListenServer with Client that has Authority you can actually click it.

That neither fixes issue nor a workaround but i hope it can help with a fix.

Thank ya thank ya

Is it will be ever fixed?

Hello ,

I have provided a link to public tracker. Please feel free to use link provided for tracking future updates.

Link: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-6411)

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So public tracker has this listed as “Won’t Fix”… poop.

C’mon people upvote this issue!

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Hello Wobbleyheadedbob,

This issue has been closed as ‘Won’t Fix’ due to an extended period of time without updates. I have reopened this issue due to your show of interest.

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I figured

Was just dropping a message here as I was hoping there were other people wanting a fix as well.

Any updates on this? Still broken on UE 4.17.