4.6.21 Asking for Incompatible Nvidia Driver

After updating to 4.26.1 from 4.26, am getting a message telling me there’s known issues with my video driver.

I downloaded the driver it specified from Nvidia, but the installer declared it not compatible with my system. It’s for Win 10, I’m on Win10.

Problem is since the patch, the UE4 Editor is crashing all the time now - every 15 minutes or so. Everything was fine before the patch.

Windows says the installed driver is the best driver for the card (GeForce GT750M). I tried updating to a newer driver closer to the version the message wanted, one that would install - and the Editor crashed even more often than with the driver I updated from.

For the moment, I rolled the driver back to where it was to begin with. Of course the message is back telling me to update it.

Do I just downgrade the Editor back to 4.26? It’s quite impractical to be crashing so often.

What happened with this patch? Why did the driver needs change, within the same engine version?

Any help suggestions appreciated.