[4.6.1] Failed to Generate Project Files

Right clicking a uproject and using Generate Project Files returns an empty screen with message “Failed to Generate project files”. It fails instantly and there is no info on why it failed at all.

It happens with every project, new, old and freshly created.

Visual Studio environment variables are set up correctly. I can add project files in editor, as well as refresh VS files in editor.

I’ve tried reinstalling 4.6 already. Also, I’m using Binary 4.6.1 from launcher.

Thanks for your help in advance!

Hey dissonancient,

In a binary project, you first need to add C++ source files from editor before you can generate project files. There should be a warning that pops up when you attempt to do so before having added code to project. Have you added code to project yet?

Yes, I have. I’ve tried adding new c++ files in editor in both new and old projects.
I can add new code files from editor, as well as refresh project files from there.

I just can’t use right click on uProject → generate project files.

I noticed this started happening after upgrading to 4.6, as if some sort of file association broke.

Hi ,

Sorry for delay in getting back to you. A quick question for you. Could you try right-clicking on one of the .uproject files you are trying to generate project files for and select the Switch Unreal Engine version option? Verify that Engine version selected in drop-down list is version 4.6, then click OK. Part of process that results is generating project files. Could you let me know if that fails for you as well?

Hey there! Thanks for answering even in days staff isn’t expected to answer!

Switching versions doesn’t work either. When it gets to Generate Project Files part it just fails same.

If I want to switch engine versions I have to do it from launcher and then it will work. If I want to generate project files I have to do it in editor.

Thanks for phenomenal support!

Could you please download this file and place it on your desktop? Remove the .txt extension and run file. It will create a new info.txt file. If you could upload that file so I can take a look, it should help me rule out a few possibilities.

Executing Bat doesn’t seem to generate info.txt

My apologies, I skipped a step in instructions I gave you. Create a new folder named “temp” on your desktop and place .bat file inside, then run it. new .txt file will be created inside folder. I am able to place .bat file directly on my desktop and run it, but that doesn’t seem to work for everyone.

bat didn’t seem to work in my desktop or any subfolder (maybe because path contains a blank space?) I just placed it somewhere else and it worked. Here it is:


Thanks for getting that information. Everything appears to be fine in 32-bit toolchain. I am a little concerned about INCLUDE and LIB variables being blank in amd64 toolchain, though. Let me see if I can eliminate that as a possible cause of issue you are experiencing.

I know this has been a while and it may not be helpful but I got this error a few times and it happened for different reasons. It may or may not help you but I’ll share my experiences anyway.

first time I had this was on build prior to public release so it may have been fixed. it was because of some duplicate files I manually removed from my project but metadata was still present in intermediate folder so linking (or some other EPIC black magic) failed returning this error. I deleted intermediate folder (you may want to back your up first just in case) and made sure only proper files where in my source folder. Then I generated my files and all was well. Given that this happens for new projects as well, this is likely not case.

next time this happened because my folder was set to read only because of perforce. This was a easy fix though.

Another time this happened, it was an limitation on max path length (but again on a pre-public build). place my projects was saving as well as file name created a directory structure that exceeded max length of path inside some of generated folders.

I’m not sure if any of this will help but it has been my experience and at least provides more tests that could lead to possible answers or at least hint at some.

After looking at info you provided a bit more, it actually looks like amd64 toolchain may be incomplete or missing entirely. If you could, please open a Windows Explorer window and navigate to following directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0\VC\bin

Check and see if you have a folder in this location named x86_amd64 (actually, it might be a good idea if you could list all of folders you see in this location).

I have “x86_amd64” and “1033”

Thanks for taking time to comment.

I’ve had that happen to me before and it was usually project dependant (both with perforce and max path length) but in this case, it happens with every single project, including newly created ones and everything

Sorry for delay. If those are only two folders present in that drive location, that may be where problem lies. In that location on my computer I have following folders:

  • 1033
  • amd64
  • amd64_arm
  • amd64_x86
  • arm
  • x86_amd64
  • x86_arm

What version of Visual Studio 2013 are you using? If you are using Express, do you have For Windows Desktop version? Would you be able to perform a repair installation of Visual Studio, or reinstall it completely?

Yes, I am using Visual Studio 2013 for Windows Desktop. I’ll try to leave it reinstalling overnight (my country’s internet sure is slow and unreliable). I’ll post again with results on that!

I uninstalled and reinstalled VS. problem is still there and no new folders have appeared in C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 12.0\VC\bin

Hey ,

I was getting this issue as well. To fix it I:

  1. opened editor (if that is still possible for you)
  2. Goto File
  3. Click on “Refresh Visual Studio Project”

Hopefully that works for you.


Hi, how would you do all of this for version 4.8.3? github doesn’t have files in any of links and documentation is outdated.

Hi Death wyrm,

Are you experiencing same trouble that described in his original post when right-clicking on .uproject file and selecting Generate Project Files option?